5 ways to make money Baccarat

Popular games that are most popularly played in online casinos. is baccarat online Games similar to Pokdeng Many people call it Pokdeng Inter. with an easy-to-understand betting pattern causing all gamblers to be regarded as the number one gambling game Basic betting format with 50 / 50 interest rate, making it easy to win, finish quickly within 30 seconds, place bets up to 100,000 baht, thus helping us to make money with easy rollovers as well. And in addition, there are many formulas to play baccarat that can be used to actually earn 500 a day. Today we will see what formulas are available. These recipes we give to you for free as alms, no need to go to the master. or waste money to buy formula Buying a program from the Internet

5 ways to make money Baccarat

1. Dragon card formula
The formula is called Dragon cards. Let us wait for the same cards to be drawn, for example, 3 or more consecutive Banker draws, then we bet on Banker because it has a high chance of repeating indefinitely. until the statistical table is lined up like a dragon’s tail That is the origin of the name of the dragon card formula.

  1. Ping-pong formula.
    The formula allows us to wait for the alternating out of 3 times or more, such as the Banker and the Player, then the Banker and the Player, and the Banker and Player after 3 alternating times, will start entering the table tennis formula, then let us place bets alternately. keep coming until repeated with alternating out like this Make it similar to hitting ping pong. Therefore, it is the origin of the name of the table tennis card

    3. The formula for playing baccarat, a compound bet

Let us start betting at 50 baht. If losing, bet at 100. If losing again, bet at 200. If losing again, bet at 400. Keep doing this until you get it. when winning bets Let us return to bet at 50 as before. This method is the most popular. Because there is almost no chance of losing money. But it requires a lot of capital. This formula has already been written on our Baccarat page. It is a basic formula that should be carried on ever.

4. The formula for playing baccarat Stab to win 2 times in a row
This recipe is not easy to make. But it reduces the chance of losing a lot. Let us place bets to win 2 times in a row, according to this pattern, bet at 50 baht. If winning in this eye, bet at 100 baht. If winning this eye Then come back to bet at 50 as before, equal to that in these 2 eyes, we will receive a prize of 150 baht. If we lose, bet at 50 baht until the correct bet. In summary, when we lose, we only lose 50 baht per time, but if we get in a row 2 times, when we get a profit of 150 baht immediately. In 5 betting games, if you lose 3 games and win only 2 games, you still break. Moving money like this will reduce the chance of losing a lot. This recipe is very easy to make. It doesn’t use a lot of capital as well. Suitable for players of baccarat page

5. The next recipe was then raised to be a real Witiatan.
the hardest thing is to win over yourself. When you get 500 baht each day, you need to take a break. Discipline at home Online casinos can make money easily. But we can’t deny that it’s easy to lose money as well if you don’t know enough. Many players cannot stop betting. But that’s the main reason that makes you lose money. Let us stop playing immediately. Then come back and play again the next day.