Baccarat formula heart 7 that players should have

Baccarat formula heart 7 that players should have

  1. Do not always play on the shore

    Baccarat formula heart 7 This, in the first place, is the rule that I want to tell everyone about playing baccarat, especially betting on the side that has a high payout rate, whether it’s a tie bet or a pair of cards. It is true that there are payouts that are more than 8x and 11x respectively, but believe it or not the banker side has a huge advantage as players can look at the house edge or casino advantage as follows:

    • The house edge. OR Banker Casino Advantage 1.06%

    • Talking or Player Casino Advantage 1.24%

    • Tie Side TIES Casino Advantage 14.4%

    Means if a player bets 100 baht, the player loses according to the percentage that the casino has an advantage, for example banker. The casino has a 1.06% advantage. That means that the player bet 100 baht will lose 1.06 baht in the long run. But when Let’s look at the draw side, it appears that the casino will have an advantage of up to 14.4 percent, which means that if you place 100 baht, you will lose to 14.4 baht in the casino and get back only 85.6 baht. Only 8 times, but I can believe that playing in the long term is definitely not worth it. In addition, in 1 baccarat card game, there are more than 60-70 games, the draw result is only 5-10 eyes, thus making the player predict the draw result more difficult than predicting Banker and Player

    2. Betting on the banker’s side is the best.

    Baccarat formula heart 7 Despite the old saying that playing casinos in the long run, the dealer always has an advantage. But not for the player to put money in the Banker every turn because sometimes the baccarat game in 1 game becomes the ratio of player winning more than banker. Therefore, it should not be placed only on the banker’s side, but relying on Calculate statistics and probabilities well, even if the dealer has a slight advantage, but if we bet on the banker’s side and pay the edge, it will help to make easy profits. Although the ratio of the game online baccarat On the banker side is better than the player. But if you bet on Banker’s side and win, it will be deducted a percentage of commission or another 5% while the player’s side is not broken.

    3. Keep going down on the banker’s side until it loses.

It’s a very bad idea to look at the history and statistics of the card’s winnings. online baccarat It will be found that bets on the banker’s side have a greater chance of winning. But if you look carefully, if the Player side issues a dragon card that will win more than 7-11 turns or more, it will cause you to lose the opportunity to make a profit

on the Player side as well because there is nothing clear that throughout the game the Banker side will Win more than Player, even in the long run, statistics have been established that Banker will have a slight advantage on the Player side, however, there is a recommendation when playing baccarat card games should sit with the number of eyes that are not long And when profitable, stop playing immediately.

4. If bet on the banker’s side and lose, don’t go down yet.

Baccarat formula heart 7 If a player has placed a bet on Banker’s side and loses, do not repeat the bet to get it back immediately. But have to think analytically and find a new stroke Even from statistics indicating that Banker has a greater chance of winning than Player’s side, that means Banker’s side is becoming too much of a player’s side. The system is adjusting the Player to win so that % runs toward Banker’s side. Must wait until the Player wins too much to do so. Bet on Banker’s side.

5. Draw results do not count

in playing Baccarat online. Regardless of the formula and technique of playing, the time to count the result of walking is not always counted. Because how do you get your money back? In playing, do not count on the result of a tie. Because it may cause the formula to be distorted.

6. Stab on the player’s side until it loses.

In this case, it is different from betting on the banker’s side in item 3, only when the player’s side loses, the next turn will immediately switch to the banker’s side. This will allow you to make profits back. without having to wait for a new beat That’s because you already know that if a banker swap is coming and going for a long time, there’s no need to wait. allowing players to play card games online baccarat continuously

7. Should learn to use the formula of money walking and manage money well in the lap.

Baccarat formula 7 at the heart of Article 7, this will be discussed in terms of money and methods of managing the lap. in hopes of making profits in the long run It’s not that much, but it’s all gone until there’s no money left to make excuses. In which players need to study the formula for walking money that will be introduced as follows,

such as the Paroli formula, compounding when positive double profit The martingale method of money Compound when broken According to the return with profit and the 1324 Baccarat formula, walk the cards to make a profit in a circle, you can see that there are many different ways to make Baccarat money moves that will help you reach your goals. but must be used at the right time It will be able to make a lot of profits.

Each formula has a minimum and maximum limit to play. as well as divide the money into sticks so that money can move smoothly because it will not throw in the bet on either side completely, for example, if you have 1 capital,

Set the number of eyes to play. To create discipline for yourself

with a capital of 1,000 baht, divided by 50 baht per turn, you will get a total of 20 eyes.

• Suppose you play 10 turns and profit 300 baht, which is considered 30% of the principal. You can stop playing immediately. and then withdraw the profit But if you overplay until the 20th turn, then it means that the profit that you have gained is either lost or almost completely lost. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that playing baccarat or gambling games of any kind in the long run. The dealer wins

  • Suppose if you have played 10 eyes, it appears that the profit is 200 baht, but still fun. Able to divide profits into 2 parts, the first part is not allowed to play. Let’s bring another part of the profit of 100 to play and break it down into 10 baht per stick, 10 baht per turn. If it’s gone, it’s quit. You still have a profit of 100 baht
  • if you play more than 10 eyes, 50 baht per turn and still haven’t won once. then stop playing immediately Maybe go play games, watch movies, take a walk to improve your concentration and mind before making excuses later. That means that your luck and way of thinking is not good enough, so you should rest.