Must have a statement for the past 6 months. What is it?

Many youngsters don’t know what the statement for the past 6 months is, and many people misunderstand the statement, thinking that the statement format is the same as applying for a tourist visa. From the fact that Phi O has been doing visas for a long time So today, I will come to know. And an example of a straight comment that the younger siblings misunderstood, let’s see.

Statement for the past 6 months is the statement of bank statements in and out of the past 6 months from the date of วีซ่าติดตามสามีไทย application. For example, we will apply for the visa on 1 July. Our statement for the past 6 months must be from 1 January. until 1 July, etc.

Statement of the past 6 months used for applying for a student visa how must it be

Statement for applying for a student visa The embassy will pay attention With the balance of the past 6 months, every line is very much (The last field in the account book), which no matter how much money is in – out, the embassy will only see the remaining money. Withdrawal and deposit box The embassy hardly looks at all (assuming the balance of Statement 450,000). You need to check if the past 6 months your balance is less than 450,000 or not. The picture below is a valid example. It can be seen that the minimum balance channel is 456,900 and the last balance is 487,900, indicating that the past balance is not lower than 450,000, so this last statement can be used.

Statements for the past 6 months are not valid.

Example 1: Some youngsters think that just the last balance of 450,000 should be usable. But actually, it can’t be used. An example of the image below is visible. Past Balance Having a balance below 450,000 in several lines over 6 months, the embassy will look at this point that the money in this account must have a threshold to be spent and the balance is less than 450,000 again. Of course, even if the final balance of the Statement is greater than 450,000, this retrospective statement cannot be used (assuming the Statement 450,000 balance).

Example 2 This example has many misunderstandings. which the children go to see at the deposit box Think that the total amount of deposits in the account for the past 6 months totaling more than 450,000 can be used now. But this definitely cannot be used. Even if the total deposit amount exceeds 450,000, but the balance of each line With the final balance less than 450,000, cannot be used (assuming statement 450,000).

Brother O has come to a summary. There are more examples. But some cases have different points from where the money comes from. But before applying for a visa, Phi O will ask in detail and look at the information for the past 6 months that it can be used to apply for a student visa or not. which will be considered on a case-by-case basis But if you have any questions, you can contact us via the channels below