Playing dice

Introduction to playing dice

Explain the basics of Sic Bo in online casinos according to the relevant statistics from the Macau online casino Sic Bo, also known as Sic Bo. It is one of the most popular games in Macau casinos. Which has attracted many casino players ever. Here we will call Sic Bo as Sic Bo. In the initial description of this game,

Sic Bo is a traditional Chinese dice game. and its origins are highly controversial. This game is known to have been played in China for hundreds of years, even though “SicBo” is a Chinese title. But it will only be used in western casinos. “SicBo” literally means dice. But that’s why it’s a bit confusing, since it’s actually a game of three dice. Sic Bo is sometimes called DaiSiu (Cantonese pronunciation of ‘size’), Cussec, TaiSai (referring to the lucky dice, and the Cantonese pronunciation of ‘size’). )

It is sometimes referred to as HiLo in the Philippines, although some Western casinos and online casinos also play this game. But the ownership of this game will be in Macau. Because the strong Asian color is difficult to erase the legend. Therefore, Sic Bo can easily be ranked as the second largest table game after Baccarat.

Playing Sic Bo requires three dice, a dice cup and an electric white plastic counter. There are 50 different betting options in the standard Sic Bo table layout, ranging from bets with a 1/1 win rate to a specific triple-digit bet ratio. at 180/1

Sic Bo in many online casino websites now It is a device with a metal cover to shake the dice. After shaking the dice, open the lid. Then the numbers of the three dice will appear. The dealer enters the three digit combination of the dice into the computer. The light below the winning bet on the table will light up. Then the dealer will tell the bettor if they won or not. The dealer bets on the dark area first and then pays the winner in the bright area.